Meet Our Team


Paul Mpanga - President

Paul Mpanga has made service his life mission. He has traveled to ten African countries doing service work for over eight years. He has a passion for restoring hope to the hopeless and strongly carries the banner of valuing every human life. He has done work locally reaching out to the homeless, serving the elderly, and currently mentors imprisoned youth. As the President, he supervises all of the affairs and ultimately oversees all of the business and programs of Value of One. He travels throughout the year to maintain the progress of the organization.

 Paul has recently completed his BS in Computer Information Systems. He is married and he and his wife have recently welcomed their first child.

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Rozeena Hoosain - Vice President

Rozeena Hoosain is a great leader that epitomizes action and commitment. As the Vice President, she caters to the needs of the President, participants, and organization taking on any need and acting on behalf of the President in his absence. Rozeena is of East Indian descent and was born in South America. At the age of 2 she moved to Waterbury, Connecticut, where her parents raised her and her two siblings. Through some years of obstacles, experiences, and hardships, Rozeena’s life is a living testimony that nothing is impossible for God.

Her passion is to help survivors of sexual abuse walk in the full value they were created with!


Karla Mpanga - Program Development Manager

Karla oversees the creation, training, and execution of programs relevant to Value of One’s service and organizational work. She evaluates programs to make certain they uphold standards of quality and effectiveness in relation to Value of One’s set objectives. She researches and implements needs assessment and identification of both programs and communities in which they are located and reports back to the board on productivity as well as ideas toward improvement. Karla has worked and volunteered for many grassroots organizations both locally and abroad. She has done service work in South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya.

Karla is married to Value of One President, Paul Mpanga and is the mother of one. She has an MFA in Production and works for a popular national television network.